YEC-8 Activated carbon

Overview:One kind of ultra-high-grade activated carbon for EDLC and Capacitive desalination.
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  •       Supercapacitor, also known as electric double layer capacitor, is a new type of electronic component that appeared in the late 1970s. It is different from the concept of placing a medium between two plates to form a traditional capacitor. Its principle is to use ions on the two-phase interface. Electric double layer charge storage produces farad-level ultra-large capacity. Its working principle is shown in the figure below:

    In reent years, the development of supercapacitors has gradually entered a mature stage, making them increasingly widely used in home appliances, computers, automobiles, automatic control, aerospace and other fields. However, selecting appropriate electrode materials is an important prerequisite for the large-scale application of supercapacitor technology. The YEC®-8 series supercapacitor activated carbon developed by our company still has good electrochemical properties while maintaining high specific surface area and high specific capacitance. Compared with similar foreign products, it has a higher cost performance and has been practically used in supercapacitor manufacturers at home and abroad.


    •  Extensive surface area

    Activated carbon with very fine pores can store and discharge electrons and ions instantaneously. Shows superior results in the periodic life test.

    •  High-quality management

    Trace metals contained in the high activation  products are refined to a high level to increase purity.

    •  Excellent electrochemical properties


    BET Surface area(m2/g)


    Bulk density(g/ml)






    Capacitance with KOH (F/g)


    Capacitance with PC (F/g)


    Particle size(D50, µm


    If you need to purchase samples, you can click the link below to purchase online.

  • YEC-8A Suitable for aqueous electrolytes

    YEC-8B Suitable for organic electrolytes


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