The world's largest capacity 5MW supercapacitor energy storage system is put into operation

Recently, the world's largest capacity 5MW supercapacitor energy storage system completed joint debugging of grid dispatching at Huaneng Luoyuan Power Plant. Various adjustment indicators met the requirements of the grid, and the system was officially transferred to commercial operation.

The project will start at the end of September 2022. China Huaneng Group has designated Huaneng Luoyuan Power Generation Company as the builder to fund the construction. China Huaneng Group Xi'an Thermal Engineering Institute will take the lead, and will cooperate with Nantong Jianghai Capacitor Co., Ltd. and other units to assist in research and development.

It is reported that the system adopts a hybrid energy storage mode of "5MW supercapacitor + 15MW lithium battery", which not only takes advantage of the fast energy storage of supercapacitors, but also has the characteristics of long-term energy storage of lithium batteries, achieving complementary performance. When the system participates in frequency modulation, supercapacitors are mainly used and lithium batteries are supplemented. The specific performance is that small instructions with seconds as the timing unit are all participated by supercapacitors. Large instructions at the minute level are responded to by supercapacitors at full power, supplemented by lithium batteries. response, significantly improving the comprehensive performance of the existing energy storage frequency modulation system.

After the system is put into operation, the frequency regulation response time of the units of Huaneng Luoyuan Power Generation Company can be increased by more than 14 times, the adjustment speed can be increased by more than 4 times, the adjustment accuracy can be increased by more than 3 times, and the overall regulation performance of the unit has been improved.


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